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GFDA Top 10 For The Week

Here is the GFDA Top Ten for this week:
1) Worked on putting in place the various easements needed to get rail, water and sewer to the Great Falls AgriTech Park.
2) Started distributing the shared commercial kitchen/processing facility/equipment survey. If you are involved in food processing, you can access the survey on our web site. Please feel free to forward to others involved in the industry in our region.
3) Began fundraising for the creative and action plan development phases of the Great Falls Branding project.
4) Met with City Planning & Community Development staff and downtown advocates to begin the steps necessary to create a new downtown tax increment financing district.
5) Worked on a federal grant application to create the Great Falls Enterprise Fund, a new gap financing loan fund that will allow us to help finance businesses and development projects that do not meet the restrictions of our current loan funds.
6) Presented the workshop "Tips to Make the Cash Register Ring" in Lewistown.
7) Preliminary results of our Forward Great Falls 2012-2017 campaign feasibility study were presented to the GFDA Board. Thank you to our investors and community leaders who have participated in the study.
8) GFDA Nominations Committee announced Officer nominations: Gene Thayer of Montana Milling for Vice Chair, Bob Butcher of US Bank for Treasurer, and Spencer Woith of Woith Engineering for Secretary.
9) GFDA staff team leaders have been named Vice Presidents of their areas of operation: Tamariel Christopher, VP - Lending, Rebecca Engum, VP - Business Strategy, and Jeremiah Johnson, VP - Marketing. This fiscal year, we've been operating with the smallest, but also I believe the most productive, staff in GFDA's history.
10) Great Falls is a small business City: According to ESRI, the City has 3,045 businesses with an average of 10.5 employees per business. Cascade County has an additional 852 businesses outside the City limits. County-wide, the average is virtually the same as in the City, 10.6 employees per business. In the five county area we do most of our work in (Cascade, Glacier, Pondera, Teton and Toole), there are 5,942 businesses with an average of 9.6 employees per business.
Congratulations to the Griz!!! Thanks to the Cats for a great season!
Congratulations to Showdown on the opening of its 75th season!
Congratulations to Baja Fresh Canyon Burger on opening and for a wonderful improvement to the Fox Farm/10th Avenue South intersection!


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