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Top 8 for the week of Oct 8th

1) Responded to a new operations center lead from a site selector.
2) Began underwriting loans for two proposed start-up businesses in Cascade County. Helped a Great Falls entrepreneur working on a business plan for another start-up.
3) Worked with several agri-processing and energy-related leads and prospects. Our current pipeline of active clients, leads and prospects has 58 high priority companies (ranked 4-5) and 157 lower priority companies (ranked 1-3).
4) Scheduled presentations of the Great Falls brand strategy on October 26th for the Brand Alliance and GFDA investors.
5) Participated in the International Economic Development Council's annual conference.
6) Received 5 economic development awards from IEDC, 4 gold and 1 silver, the most of any city in North America except for Halifax, Nova Scotia, which won 6. 
7) Spoke at the IEDC conference about how GFDA was able to become the only accredited economic development organization in the Pacific Northwest.
8) Networked at the Montana Economic Development Association fall conference.
Congratulations to the Great Falls Americans for winning their opening game!
Congratulations to the Great Falls Symphony on the start of its 54th season!


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