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GFDA 2nd Quarter Index

4th Quarter 2013
Jobs created in Great Falls metro area December 2012-2013:  733
Number of local job openings listed at Great Falls Job Service:  628
Moody's 2007 projected ranking of Great Falls employment
growth 2007-2012 amongst 392 U.S. metro areas:  365th
Great Falls actual performance:  85th
Number of jobs Moody's projected Great Falls metro area would lose 2012-2014:  200
Jobs gained so far:  985
Spots Great Falls climbed in Milken Institute's 2013 Best-Performing Cities ranking:  21
Capital investment of Two Dot and Fairfield wind farms that started construction:  $41 million
New apartment construction projects announced:  300+ units
Amount of loans closed during quarter:  $2,140,000
Investment leveraged by GFDA loans:  $20,269,837
GFDA delinquent loan rate:  0%
Increase in GFDA loan capital equity:  $495,000
Increase in loan capital in last two fiscal years:  $2.96 million
GFDA (High Plains Finance) increase in SBA loan portfolio last fiscal year:  49%
Number of small businesses coached:  74
Number of coaching sessions:  134
Number of federal contracts won by small business clients:  16
Clients who started new businesses:  2
Great Falls metro area growth in exports 2005-2012:  258%
Export growth rank amongst 357 U.S. Metro areas:  35th
Prospect visits to Great Falls:  3
Agri-processing tradeshow exhibits:  3
Targeted industry trade shows networked at:  5
National site selector events networked at:  3
Countries represented at first Select USA Investment Summit:  58
AgriTech Park lots sold during quarter:  1
Percentage of land in phase 1 of AgriTech Park now sold:  39%
Increase in University of Great Falls enrollment:  8%
Increase in food and retail sales at GTF in first month after terminal expansion opened:  73%
Growth in Cascade County manufacturing earnings 2010-2012:  7%
Cascade County median home sale price increase 2008-2012:  7.2%
Number of new headquarters opened downtown:  2
Number of new downtown businesses holding grand openings the night of the Christmas Stroll:  5
Last time Great Falls Public Schools closed for a day:  1988 (due to city-wide power outage)
Great Falls metro area share of Montana Gross State Product:  8%
Share of the state's 3 metro areas:  41%
Estimated amount of Montana grains shipped out of state without any value added:  80%
Dollar value of Montana bulk shipments of wheat in 2012:  $915 million
Percentage shipped to Japan:  50%
Tax Foundation's ranking of Montana state business tax climate:  7th
Montana census per square mile:  1.4 elk, 1.4 pronghorn antelope, 3.3 deer and 6 humans
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