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GFDA Top 13 4/13/14

Here's the GFDA Top 12 for last week, celebrating great things happening to move Great Falls Forward!

1) DOD announced that it will keep all of the existing 450 ICBM missile silos in warm status, removing any doubts about possible negative economic impacts.
2) The timing was coincidental, but nice this week to have Starbucks, Hoagieville and Z Pizza announce new stores coming to Great Falls. Stay tuned for more retail and primary sector announcements!
3) Worked with a local entrepreneur to develop cash flow projections for a light manufacturing business. Reviewed market research with a local business owner; discussed marketing messages and targeting, and worked on operational efficiency issues.
4) Met with a business owner to finalize structure for job descriptions, performance reviews and employee coaching programs. Helped an area entrepreneur to assess options available regarding a potential business purchase. Talked with another business about expansion financing tools and requirements. Discussed service-disabled veteran preference government contracting opportunities with a local business.
5) Attended the Startup Weekend in Bozeman to learn more about these events and assess whether we should put one together in Great Falls.
6) Participated in the first monthly Calumet Montana Refining community action partnership meeting to continue work on this exciting project. 
7) Closed out the first Big Sky Trust Fund grant for EMTEQ. If you have a primary sector company (50% or more of sales out-of-state) that may have the potential to expand workforce, contact Lillian Sunwall on our team at or 1-406-771-9024. Thank you to Jennifer Reichelt, City Deputy Manager, for your great help on the EMTEQ and other company Big Sky Trust Fund grants!
8) GFDA will be networking at RECON: The Global Real Estate Convention in Las Vegas in May and exhibiting at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary and the Institute of Food Technologists Annual Food Expo in New Orleans in June. We invite GFDA Investors to share contacts, ideas and participation in these events. For more information about these opportunities, contact Jeremiah Johnson at 1-406-750-3285 or  We've scheduled planning meetings for GFDA Investors: for Global Petroleum, Tuesday April 29, 4:00 PM at GFDA; for RECON, Wednesday, April 30, 8:00 AM at GFDA; and for IFT, Tuesday, May 13, 8:00 AM at GFDA.
9) Companies interested in seeking to provide goods or services to TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline project should register at
10) Oil drillers in Alberta are having some good luck tapping into the Southern Alberta Bakken just north of the Montana border. Calgary-based LGX Oil + Gas continues to find producing wells. The Southern Alberta Bakken extends into Glacier, Teton, Pondera, Toole and Lewis & Clark counties.
11) The Montana Dept. of Labor & Industry is holding an Assistance for Business Clinic in Great Falls on May 29 at the Holiday Inn. The event runs all day 8:00 AM-5:00 PM. More info at or call 1-406-444-2840.
12) The Great Falls Tribune and Great Falls College MSU are sponsoring a Great Falls Public Schools board of trustees candidate forum on Wednesday, April 23, 6:30 PM in Heritage Hall at the College.
Have you started work to get the vote out in support of the Great Falls Public Schools levy? Student enrollment grew this school year, breaking a 20 year downward trend. In the last 6 years, the district has had to cut 64 teachers including science, match, industrial tech, English, foreign language, medical prep, music and art. Amongst other things, the proposed levy will fund 5 elementary math teachers, 1.5 high school math teachers, and a high school computer programming and coding teacher.
Great Falls spends $300-640 less per student than other AA schools and $4,500 less per student than the state average.
Growing & diversifying our economy requires great schools! 
Support the School Levy!
Get out the Vote!

Untame your entrepreneurial spirit!


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