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GFDA Quarterly Index
2nd Quarter 2014
Net jobs created in Great Falls metro area January-June 2014:  1,262
Net jobs created 1990-1999:  399
Net jobs created 1980-1999:  (70)
Annual rate of job growth in Great Falls metro area in 1990's:  0.13%
Annual rate of job growth in 2014:  6.4%
Increase in Great Falls metro area labor force January-June 2014:  1,035
Increase 1990-1999:  425
Increase 1980-1999:  (479)
Annual rate of labor force growth in 1990's:  0.13%
Annual rate of labor force growth in 2014:  5.0%
Number of current job openings at Great Falls Job Service:  883
Number of jobs Moody's predicted GF metro area would lose 2012-2014:  200
Jobs gained so far:  2,669
Great Falls metro area per capita income growth in 2012:  3.52%
GF metro GDP in 2012:  $3.218 billion
GFDA targeted industry tradeshow exhibits during quarter:
2 energy, 2 agri-processing, 1 manufacturing
National site selection consultant events networked at during quarter:  3
Commercial real estate national events networked at during quarter:  1
Primary sector grand openings in Great Falls during quarter:  2
Primary sector groundbreakings in Great Falls during quarter:  2
Number of acres Loenbro bought for its new Great Falls fabrication facility:  52
Big box retail projects announced during quarter:  1
Size of project:  189,000 SF big box, gas station and four 1-2 acre pads
Number straights years Great Falls metro area
has improved its economic strength ranking:  8
Number of metro areas we climbed above in 2014 ranking:  11
Number metro areas we've climbed above since 2006:  199
Downtown volunteer hours in 1st quarter 2014:  8,257
New businesses opened downtown in 1st quarter 2014:  5
Number of places GF climbed in 2014 Best Cities for Job Growth:  97
Number of small businesses coached during quarter:  74
Number of coaching sessions:  101
Number of businesses launched by Start-Up Spark clients during quarter:  3
Number small business trainings offered:  2
Number of entrepreneurs who participated:  34
GF metro area national ranking for Regional Impact of
Quality of Life on Entrepreneurial Decisions: 14th
Montana's Entrepreneurial Index ranking for second year in a row:  1st
Amount of GFDA/HPF loan commitments issued during quarter:  $5,967,000
Investment that will be leveraged by GFDA/HPF loans:  $21,582,354
GFDA/HPF delinquent loan rate:  0%
Equity required for SBA 504 loan deals:  as low as 10%
Percentage of U.S. ICBM missiles DOD announced it will keep in warm status:  100%
Size of new hospital announced by Great Falls Clinic:  60,000 SF, 19 beds
GF metro area national ranking in Prime Workforce Indicators:  40th out of 379
Great Falls metro national ranking in 3 Year Change 2009-2012 in Workforce 18-44 Years with Bachelors Degree or Higher as % of Total Workforce: 12th
Percentage of STEM jobs (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)
that don't require a bachelor's degree:  50%
GF average per capita property taxes compared to other major Montana cities:  1/3rd lower
Nonresident visitor expenditures in central Montana in 2013:  $402 million
Increase since 2011:  53%
Share spent in Cascade County:  $248 million
Average flight ticket price drop at GTF since 2008:  22%
Average national ticket price increase:  10%
Increase in average price of house sold in Great Falls 2011-2013:  7%
Average price in 2013:  $169,838
Increase in median price of house sold 2011-2013:  6%
Median price in 2013:  $157,500
Median price in Yellowstone County in 2013:  $219,000
Increase in Cascade County home values 2008-2013:  11.6%
Biomedical research funds McLaughlin Research Institute has brought to GF:  $70 million
Number of straight years median age in Cascade County has gone down:  3
Median age in 2013:  38.1
Montana ranking of most fiscally prudent states:  1st
MT ranking amongst residents with most pride in state:  1st
Montana ranking by U.S. Chamber in Growth of Self-Employed:  1st
Montana ranking in Export Growth:  3rd
Per Capita Income Growth:  6th
Business Tax Climate:  7th
Number of times GFDA staff has been asked who big box retailer is:  millions
Number of times we've been incorrectly told who it is:  gazillions

Number of times we've been told who it is correctly:  our lips are sealed


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