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GFDA 2014 Third Quarter Index

GFDA Quarterly Index

3rd Quarter 2014 
Great Falls metro area unemployment rate in September:  3.5%
Number of current job openings at Great Falls Job Service:  941
Number of Great Falls jobs listed on  2,007
Manufacturing employment growth in GF metro area from July 2013 to July 2014:  14.9%
Great Falls metro area self-employment rate:  7.2%
Percentage of months so far in 2014 that GF metro area set highest ever employment record for that month of year:  100%
Increase in Total Wages in GF metro in 1st Quarter 2014 compared to 1st Quarter 2013:  3.78%
Average weekly wage increase:  2.76%
Moody's Analytics forecasted personal income growth for GF metro in 2015:  4.7%
In 2016:  4.5%
Moody's projected GF Gross Metro Product growth in 2015:  5.1%
In 2016:  5.3%
Moody's forecasted Great Falls home price increase in 2015:  3.4%
In 2016:  3.5%
GF metro labor force participation rate in 2013:  65.4%
Great Falls peak rate set in 2009:  67.6%
Number of new positions USAF announced it's adding to personnel at Malmstrom AFB:  216
Number of apartment units The Farran Group started construction on during quarter:  216
Number of prospect visits to Great Falls during quarter:  6
Chicago-based site selection consultants made contact with:  15
Chicago-based site selection consultants pitched face-to-face:  8
Business attraction prospects worked with during quarter:  16
Energy industry trade shows and conferences exhibited at:  3
Number of hours logged driving to and from Energy Industry trade shows & conferences:  50+
Miles driven to trade shows & conferences:  2,766
Number of small businesses coached during quarter:  50
Number of coaching sessions:  118
Number of small business trainings offered:  4
Number of entrepreneurs who participated:  69
# of candidates interviewed to find our new Small Business Development Center Director:  18
Amount of GFDA/HPF loans closed during quarter:  $3,244,000
Additional private investment leveraged by loans:  $15,197,273
Early loan pay-offs during quarter:  3
GFDA/HPF delinquent loan rate:  0%
Increase in our SBA 504 loan portfolio in FY 2014:  25%
Number of GFDA/HPF loans outstanding:  51
Number of loan funds:  9
Number of loan capital sources:  14
Additional Brownfield funds awarded to GFDA by EPA:  $200,000
Current month's SBA 504 loan interest rate including all fees fixed for 20 years:  4.821%
Equity required on SBA 504 loan deals:  As low as 10%
Students enrolled in new Great Falls College MSU 1+3 engineering program:  14
# of different career readiness assessments available from Great Falls College MSU:  800+
Great Falls cost of living as percentage of national average:  90%
Cost of doing business:  88%
Number of new Forward Great Falls Investors:  6
Number of existing Forward GF Investors who stepped up to higher investment levels:  6
Total number of Forward Great Falls Investors:  106
Number of additional financial supporters:  23
Average spending by nonresident visitors in Central Montana for 2012-2013:  $403 million
Number of jobs supported nonresident visitor spending in Central Montana:  4,690
Payroll:  $115 million
Proprietor income:  $23 million
State and local taxes:  $23.5 million
Estimated 15-year mid-range economic impact of new ExpoPark Events Center:  $30 million
% of International Economic Development Council member organizations that have earned accreditation:  <2%
Number of economic development organizations in Montana and the entire Pacific Northwest that have earned accreditation:  1 (GFDA)
Montana 2013 job growth rank amongst states:  5th
Montana personal income growth rank in 2013:  13th
Over last 5 years:  6th
Montana rank in percent of households that own a business:  4th
Montana 2013 rank in highest rate of net business openings:  12th
Montana rank in Overall Best Colleges in America by  1st
Number of freelance workers in U.S. in 2013 according to Kiplinger:  17 million
Number Kiplinger predicts by 2018:  24 million
U.S. Labor productivity growth in 2nd Quarter 2014:  2.5%
Factor by which wheat genome is larger than human genome: 5+
Number of GFDA Top 10's issued:  13
Average number of "Top 10" items:  15
Number of Great Falls micro-brew beers now available in cans:  3


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