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2015 Q2 Index

2nd Quarter 2015 Index
Great Falls metro ranking for Prime Workforce amongst all U.S. metro areas:  Top 15%
Ranking amongst U.S. metro areas with population under 160,000:  16th
Great Falls metro 2014 increase in annual average weekly wage:  5.2%
Great Falls increase relative to Montana average increase:  49% greater
Relative to U.S. average increase:  60% greater
Great Falls total wage increase in 2014:  4.9%
Out-of-state business development trips during quarter to pitch Great Falls: 3
Number of miles driven on Calgary/Spokane business development trip:  1,110
Pairs of shoes worn out at RECON commercial real estate event:  2
June unemployment rate for Great Falls metro:  3.9%
Number of job openings currently posted at Great Falls Job Service:  904
Number posted on  1,434
Great Falls Best Small Cities ranking amongst 1,300 cities in U.S.:  Top 100
Number of agri-processing competitive business cases
for Great Falls region developed during quarter:  3
Number of new out-of-state prospects generated by first business case
while still in its draft form:  3
Percentage of Great Falls employers surveyed during quarter that
expect to increase employment in next 12 months:  47%
Percent that expect to keep employment stable:  50%
Percent that expect to decrease employment:  3%
Percent of employees at surveyed companies who have been with firm 4 or more years:  92%
Number of local businesses coached during quarter:  8 1
Number of coaching sessions:  188
Number of business training sessions offered during quarter:  5
Number of business participants:  69
Number of outreach meetings with local companies during quarter:  22
Apartment vacancy rate in Great Falls:  2.2%
Montana average:  5.5%
National average:  6.5%
Increase in Great Falls single-family home rental rates in 2014:  13.4%
Great Falls cost of living relative to national average:  90%
Cost of doing business:  93%
Great Falls office rental rates relative to national average:  40%
Personal income growth in Great Falls metro in 2014:  4.8%
Predicted income growth for 2015:  4.8%
Predicted for 2016:  6.3%
Downtown Great Falls volunteer hours during quarter:  9,673
Downtown renovations permitted during quarter:  16
Total of GFDA and High Plains Financial gap and bridge financing loans
closed during fiscal year 2015:  $4,087,000
Total investment leveraged by these loans:  $22,049,748
Additional loans approved to close in FY 2016:  $2,939,000
Total investment to be leveraged by these loans:  $26,751,620
SBA 20 year fixed loan interest rate in July, including all fees:  4.961%
10-year loan fixed rate:  4.326%
Equity required on SBA 504 loan deals:  as low as 10%
Great Falls metro GDP growth predicted for 2015:  2.6%
For 2016:  3.1%
Growth in Great Falls metro employment predicted in 2016:  2.2%
Montana ranking of entrepreneurial activity for 3rd year in a row:  1st
Montana ranking for lowest obesity rate:  3rd
Montana ranking of states whose residents say their state is the best
or one of the best states to live in:  1st
Montana ranking for lowest hospital inpatient charges in nation:  1st
Montana ranking for lowest hospital outpatient charges:  2nd
Last year federal gas tax was raised:  1993
Last year Montana gas tax was raised:  1994
Today's purchasing power of a 1994 dollar:  62¢
Estimated extra maintenance cost each Montanan pays every year
due to poor condition of some roads:  $292 to $484
Percentage of U.S. employees who say they are engaged in their work:  32.4%
Percentage of managers:  35%
Number of transactions MasterCard processes per hour:  160 million
Estimated number of economic development organizations in North America:  10,000+
Number of accredited economic development organizations in North America:  43 including GFDA
Number of U.S. commercial spaceports licensed by the FAA:  10



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