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GFDA 1st Quarter 2016 Index

1st Quarter 2016 Index


Great Falls metro (Cascade County) growth in total wages in last 2 years:  9.5%

Additional dollars earned per year:  $124 million

Increase in average annual wages:  8%

Annual increase in average earnings:  $2,768

Great Falls metro average annual growth in manufacturing jobs in last 5 years:  6.2%

Average growth in Montana:  2.9%

In USA:  1.4%

Investment in Calumet Montana Refining expansion in Great Falls:  $450 million

Contractor hours invested in project:  1.8 million

Number of construction workers on site at peak of project:  594

New permanent manufacturing jobs created:  50

Investment in Greenfield Wind project in Teton County:  $47 million

Net gain City of Great Falls expects to make on Med/Tech business park:  $770,000

Value of building permits issued by City of Great Falls during quarter:  $36,139,039

Record sales at C.M. Russell Museum's 2016 The Russell art auction:  $9.4 million

Number of items in C.M. Russell Museum's permanent collection:  12,000

Amount of historic 1906 water rights City of Great Falls secured in recent settlement:  6,335 acre feet at flow rate of 6.0 cubic feet per second

Number of new hotel units announced to be constructed in Great Falls:  323

Number of new apartments in Great Falls under construction:  78

Number of additional new apartments announced to start construction this year:  335

Ranking of Great Falls housing market amongst all 337 national metro markets:  19th

Billings ranking:  28th

Missoula ranking:  53rd

Great Falls ranking of most affordable Montana city:  1st

Average annual savings of Great Falls homeowners in mortgage, taxes and insurance over Billings homeowners:  $1,574

Over Helena homeowners:  $3,023

Average annual Cascade County homeowner savings over Gallatin County:  $6,105

Missoula County:  $4,947

Flathead County:  $3,732

City of Great Falls acres of parkland:  1,215

Number of developed City parks:  57

Miles of recreational trails:  52

Estimated number of park trees:  36,000

United States per capita use of wheat flour in 2015:  133 pounds

Number of proposed redevelopment properties being assessed so far

under GFDA's new brownfield program:  6

Pounds of chickpeas harvested in Golden Triangle in 2015:  55,837,500

Pounds of hummus commercially produced in Golden Triangle:  0

Current annual global sales of gluten free products:  $3.2 billion

Estimated annual sales by 2020:  $4.4 billion

Number of local businesses coached during quarter:  89

Number of coaching sessions:  356

Number of business training sessions offered during quarter:  6

Number of business participants:  68

New contracts won by PTAC clients during quarter:  $288,880

New capital investment secured by small business clients during quarter:  $2,050,800

Total of GFDA gap and bridge financing loans closed during quarter:  $500,000

GFDA loan funds disbursed during quarter:  $1,133,671

GFDA and HPF loan commitments at end of quarter:  $1,793,000

Active loan portfolio balance at end of quarter:  $17,807,833

Percentage of delinquent loans:  0%

Current SBA 504 loan 20 year fixed interest rate, including all fees:  4.320%

Equity required on SBA 504 loan deals:  as low as 10%

Downtown renovation and construction permits issued during quarter:  25

Value of permits issued during quarter:  $2,644,308

Downtown Great Falls volunteer hours during quarter:  9,532

Number of new businesses opened downtown during quarter:  2

Number of women entrepreneurs in USA:  10.6 million

Percent of U.S. businesses owned by women:  30%

Increase in U.S. women entrepreneurs from 1997 to 2015:  73%

Montana's share of DOD annual spending in the 50 states and District of Columbia:  0.1%

Montana state ranking for DOD expenditures:  48th

DOD funds spent in Montana within Cascade County:  53%

Montana tax rate rank amongst states:  3rd lowest

Rank after adjusting for cost of living:  3rd lowest

U.S. manufacturers reporting moderate or serious shortage of skilled workers:  82%

Projected United States inflation in 2016:  2.4%

Projected in Venezuela:  720%

U.S. personal savings rate average 1950-1984:  11%

Savings rate in 2005:  3%

Today's estimated savings rate:  6%

Speed bump the SEC supports to thwart high frequency trading:  1,000 microseconds

Heavy industrial rail-served acres available for immediate construction

in Great Falls AgriTech Park:  31.5


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