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GFDA 3rd Quarter Index

3rd Quarter 2016 Index

Number of jobs FCR plans to create in new downtown Great Falls call center:  325+

Estimated private investment in West Bank Landing riverfront development:  $65 million
Estimated private investment in new Montana Eggs processing facility:  $7 million
Square feet of new FedEx distribution hub in Great Falls AgriTech Park:  58,000
New employees at facility:  20
Number of new units being added to Talus Apartment Homes:  72
Great Falls metro real GDP growth in 2015:  3.7%
Great Falls metro national ranking of Best Small City for Prime Workforce:  4th
Cascade County (GF metro) workers who work within county of residence:  97.6%
Mean commute time:  15.3 minutes
Retail square feet that Hobby Lobby, Petsmart and Ulta will occupy:  77,000
Projected dollars Americans will spend on pets this year:  $63 billion
Per capita income growth in Great Falls MSA in 2014 & 2015:  7.3%
Increase in creative sector jobs in GF metro from 2011-2016:  15.3%
National ranking of GF metro as best location for First Responders:  25th
Ranking for law student graduates:  4th
GFDA gap and bridge loan commitments issued during quarter:  $4,445,610
Projected private investment to be leveraged by these loans:  $68 million
Number of active clients in GFDA pipeline:  129
Percent of clients that are existing businesses:  51%
Entrepreneurial startups:  32%
Business attraction leads/prospects:  17%
Number of agricultural/food processing business cases issued by GFDA during quarter:  4
Percentage of Montana barley production grown in Great Falls region:  73%
Amount grown last year:  30.94 million bushels
Percent of nation’s organic durum wheat produced in Montana:  52%
Number of entrepreneurs and local businesses coached by GFDA during quarter:  70
Number of business training sessions offered during quarter:  6
Number of business participants:  61
New private capital secured by small business clients during quarter:  $17,696,938
New contracts won by PTAC clients during quarter:  $1,757,806
Number of businesses started or bought by coaching clients:  4
Current SBA 504 loan 20 year fixed interest rate including all fees:  4.62%
Equity required on SBA 504 loan deals:  as low as 10%
Heavy industrial rail-served acres available for immediate construction
in Great Falls AgriTech Park:  31.5+
Next decade Alberta oil sands est. capital investment at current energy prices:  $40.6 billion
Pounds of dry peas produced in Montana in 2015:  324,573,200
Percent of national total:  42%
Pounds of chickpeas produced:  55,837,500
Pounds of lentils:  40,953,500
Number of fallow farm acres in Montana each year:  4.6 million
State economic benefit if just 25% of fallow land planted with pulse crops:  $240 million
Additional annual income for MT farmers who added peas to wheat-fallow:  $70/acre
Opportunities for pulse crop processing and food production in Golden Triangle:  Endless
Houses under construction by Great Falls high school students this year:  38th and 39th
Number of states smaller than the Golden Triangle (Great Falls trade area):  10
Comparable size state to Golden Triangle:  South Carolina
Comparable country:  Austria
Estimated economic loss caused by daylight savings time in Great Falls MSA:  $155,815
Estimated national cost:  $433,982,548
Downtown renovation and construction permits issued during quarter:  13
Value of permits issued during quarter:  $371,990
Downtown Great Falls volunteer hours during quarter:  7,166
Number of RN’s graduated from Great Falls College MSU’s first class:  25
Montana ranking for entrepreneurial startups for 4th year in a row:  1st
Montana rank for fastest growing median income in 2015:  1st
Montana community college ranking:  5th
Ranking of Best State for Families to Live a Richer Life:  4th
Business tax climate: 6th
Montana ranking for least expensive energy costs:  9th
For lowest industrial electricity rates:  3rd
Montana rank for percentage of adults owning guns:  6th
Percentage:  52.3%
Number of Americans who did some form of freelance work in 2015:  54 million
Percentage of U.S. population that will be participating in YouEconomy by 2020:  50%
Estimated daily cost to every American household due to inefficient infrastructure:  $9.30
Inflationary decrease of Montana gas tax since last adjusted in 1993:  41%
Annual infrastructure funds raised for every 1¢ increase in Montana gas tax:  $8 million
Estimated number of unmanned aerial vehicles in U.S. by 2020:  7 million
Commercial UAV’s:  2.7 million
Number of American deployed nuclear warheads as of September 1st:  1,367
Number of Russian deployed nuclear warheads:  1,796
Russian increase in one year:  148
U.S. decrease in same year:  171


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