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Investor Luncheon Success

Investor Luncheon Success - As part of the ongoing work of Praxis Strategy Group on the Diversification Project, Doug McDonald of Praxis spoke to the annual investor luncheon on Wednesday, November 19.  His topic "Opportunities in a Down Market" was well received, and addressed portions of the initial read on the Sweetgrass Region from the Divisification Project -- which includes Great Falls and Cascade County.   Doug's talk revolved around working better together as a region, focusing on what we do well, and knowing what we are selling.  He stressed  that these tough times present the opportunity to refocus and ended with this remark, "If the region works together during these slow times effectively, capitalizing on the strengths of the region, then you will come out better, stronger, and ready to capitalize on pent-up opportunities when the economy turns around."   For more media on this topic and the GFDA Board meeting visit the Great Falls Tribune.


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